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About Vico Deodorant

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Vico Deodorant is a highly natural brand from Ireland. They like to do things a bit differently, as Vico's deodorant sticks contain no chemicals or other junk, and the packaging is eco-friendly and entirely plastic-free. 

Additionally, Vico Deodorant is vegan and, of course, not tested on animals. Equally important are the delightful scents that these natural deodorant sticks offer. Ultimately, that's what deodorants are all about – smelling good and keeping you fresh.

Each Vico Natural Deodorant is produced in small batches. The production process takes place in the United States, and the products are handmade. They provide 24-hour protection, ensuring you stay fresh throughout the day.

Vico Natural Deodorant and Magnoliah

Magnoliah is the first shop in the Netherlands and one of the first on the European mainland to include this wonderful brand in its range. Magnoliah shares the same standards and values regarding healthy products with natural ingredients, so Vico Deodorant fits perfectly in the shop.

Magnoliah is curious about what the future holds for the Vico Deodorant brand, as it is still quite young. Hopefully, the partnership will last long and bring forth many more beautiful products for modern women.

Vico Products

At present, Vico only makes deodorant sticks. Various deodorant sticks are available in an array of original scents. None of these products contain plastic but instead have sustainable cardboard packaging.

Moreover, the formulas are free from parabens, sulfates, and other substances you’d prefer not to find in a cosmetic product. Vico Natural Deodorant is also affordable and lasts a long time. Give it a try!

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