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The brand Salt and Stone was founded in Los Angeles by former snowboarder Nima Jalali. The brand likes to stay close to nature and has a special relationship with the sea. Salt and Stone products are designed for women with an active lifestyle.

Salt and Stone use active ingredients from the sea and mountains to create natural products for optimal skincare. This way, Salt and Stone deodorant sticks remain free from toxic substances and provide a soothing sensation.

Some examples of ingredients include seaweed, spirulina, and kelp. These ingredients have both cleansing, supportive, and recovering effects on your skin. But Salt and Stone also considers the packaging. The plastic packaging is made from recycled plastic out of the oceans. During the production process, hydropower and solar energy are used to manufacture the Salt and Stone deodorant.

Also, Salt & Stone has a Leaping Bunny certificate. This means that both the products themselves and the individual ingredients in the formula have not been tested on animals.

Salt & Stone and Magnoliah

Salt and Stone is also a brand that has been part of the Magnoliah shop from the beginning. Especially the deodorant sticks from Salt and Stone are very well-known for their natural and antioxidant-rich ingredients, and pleasant scents.

The story of Salt and Stone resonated well with Magnoliah because it is also important to consider your packaging and individual ingredients.

Salt and Stone products

It's no secret that especially the natural deodorant sticks from Salt & Stone are a big hit with modern women who love natural products. They also offer other products, and Magnoliah hopes to offer more of them in the future.

It's good to know that these are deodorant sticks and not deodorant rollers. The sticks are often more natural and also last a long time.

The most popular scent is the Salt and Stone Santal Deodorant with notes of sandalwood and vetiver, but be sure to check out the other interesting scents as well.

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